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The Reed Sisters: an American Story

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        Synopsis for The Reed Sisters: an American Story




Bound by a contract to become “rich and famous” the teenage Reed Sisters sang and danced their way through the 1970’s and early 80’s in a homegrown musical variety show that aired on cable access TV in Oak Ridge, TN. When one of the sisters disappears, complications arise, but “the show must go on!” 




“The Reed Sisters: an American Story” is  a documentary     work-in-progress about a singing sister group whose parents had a dream for them to “make it to the top”. Tapping into natural talents that the girls possessed and taking tips from popular family acts of the day (The Osmonds and The Jackson 5), Mama and Daddy Reed enforced strict discipline and frequent rehearsals in efforts to make their dream a reality. 














The Reed Sisters--Filipino natives by way of Hawaii moved to the rural South and formed a musical variety act that aired on the public access channel for over 5 years. Along with their long running TV show, they also performed live stage shows at several local venues including their very own Reed’s Country Music Theatre in the Great Smoky Mountains near Pigeon Forge,TN--home of Dollywood. 


The movie is a then and now portrait of the Reed Sisters that incorporates enticing video footage from the variety shows, animation and recent interviews with the sisters reflecting on how it all started and their lives behind the scenes.  Watching the Reed Sisters perform, we see the spirit and commitment these girls put into their show.


In the microcosm of a small town public access TV show lies a  story that considers identity, the consequences of striving for the “American dream”, the bond between sisters, and finally, what really matters in the long run?




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