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Filmmaker's statement

Public access TV has a reputation for quirky shows and low production value. The lo-fi quality of the atmosphere and sound reflect a totally minimalist approach to entertainment. For me, these fundamental details are part of what give the show it’s charm!

Like most creative efforts, The Reed Sisters got mixed reviews. Some people watched and became genuine fans, others made fun of the show . I was impressed and pleasantly by their signature style and unyielding persistence. Whatever your take is on The Reed Sisters there is no doubt their show was one-of-a-kind!


When I was little, I wondered why The Reed Sisters sounded like they did--sometimes great and sometimes not so great. Interviewing the sisters allowed me to look beneath the surface of my early and limited impressions to get a closer look at the forces that were shaping their lives and identity.  That peculiar thing I sensed about them began to change form as I got to know them and their experience. I realized they were real people with their own story.


The anthropologist in me sees their show as an artifact of history and of my memory and is therefore worth preserving. The filmmaker in me wants to make sense of the world, tell a good story and have fun along the way! The Reed Sisters have a story that could slip through the cracks if you’re not looking. Now let’s get on with the show!!

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