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The Reed Sisters: an American Story

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The Reed Sisters had their own self produced musical variety Television show during the late 70s and early 1980s on the cable access channel in Oak Ridge, TN. 

I set out on an adventure to find out what ever happened to the Reed Sisters?  I was fascinated and curious about their experience, the challenges they faced and where they ended up. I tracked down the Reed sisters and discovered more than I expected.


The Reed Sisters: an American Story traces the life and times of the Reed Sisters, a teenage Filipina-Hawaiian Country-Western Rock and Pop group, and their creative, dogged attempt to achieve a dream of being big stars.








In the microcosm of a small town public access TV show lies a  story that considers identity, the consequences of striving for the “American Dream”, the bond between sisters, and finally, what really matters in the long run?




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